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How do I fund my account?

There are several different ways to send money to online poker sites.   Some of the most popular today are Firepay, and Neteller.  Accounts are set up at each of these sites, just like a bank account.   Although some credit cards are still funding deposits to gaming sites, most of the major ones have stopped it completely.  I have found the easiest form is to verify a checking account with the site, or one of the companies listed above, and to transfer funds in and out through my checking account.  Each site will list the methods they accept on their web site.

How do the online poker sites manage my money?

Each online poker site will have an account set up in your ‘players name’.   Deposits are put directly into this account and withdrawals are made from this account.  When you enter a game you will choose to take a certain amount of money with you to this game.  You do not have to take your entire bankroll.  When you enter a tournament, the funds are deducted from your account.  When you are ready to withdraw your money, go to the cashier and your site and make the request.  Funds are sent out within 7 days at most sites.   Note:  Online poker sites are charged by the companies players use to transfer money into and out of the sites.   Therefore most sites limit your withdrawals to once a week, or a set period of time from your last deposit.  This can take some getting used to.  If you are unsure of your sites policy, find out before you make your initial deposits.

What is the rake?

Online poker rakes the pot, in the same manner that casinos do.  Money is removed from each pot to pay the house. Of the casinos we have reviewed, the variable rake structure is 5% of the pot size, with a maximum of  $3.00 taken from each pot.  Some of the sites have reduced their maximum rake on their very low limit games and with games with only a few players.

Tournaments are raked by adding an additional amount to the entry that is not returned as prize fund monies.  Rakes in tourneys vary from 5, 6 to 10, 12 percent depending on the site and the amount of the entry. 

What happens if I get disconnected in the middle of a game?

It is important to understand how the individual online poker sites deal with disconnects in the middle of a hand that you are involved in. Each site will have a different policy.   Most of them will protect your hand, as per an All In situation, unless you do something to fold your hand. To prevent this feature from being abused, there is usually a limit of All Ins over a 24-hour period, which is set by the administrators of each site.   Once your All in limit has been reached, most sites will automatically fold your hand, if you do not respond.  Most tournaments do not use the all in function and automatically fold the hand after a certain period of time.  All of the sites post their disconnect policy.  Before playing at any online poker site, familiarize yourself with the specific rules and policies of that site.

How do I know the game is fair?

All of the sites promote a safe and fair environment. Very detailed random shuffling algorithms are detailed on each site and policies and methods to monitor collusion are detailed on most sites.  Streaks of winning as well as streaks of losing will come and go online, as they do in live poker games.   The most unbelievable river card will hit during online poker, as it will during live play.  Certain players will seem to always be winning every pot, as certain seats seem to be hot at a live game.  If you feel like you are in an unfair game, make a note of the hand number, and game that you are in, the players at the table, and the reasons that you believe the game is unfair.  Send your summary to the management.  They will look into it.  All of them claim to have ‘sophisticated software’ to help monitor and control cheating in the forms of collusion among players.  If you cannot get rid of the feeling of being cheated, or that the cards are not random, then question yourself as to why you are playing the game.   Leave. Don’t throw your hard earned money into a game that you believe is unfair.   Find another form of entertainment.  Online gaming is not for you.   












































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